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Our video eCourse is designed to give a better understanding of how we can help you escape the rent trap. In each subsequent video, we provide you with a step by step process to getting into your first home sooner.  If you'd like any more information or if you are ready to take the next step please get in touch today. I can be be emailed at or contacted at 03 8383 1492.

About Us

At Creative FS, our mission is to help everyday Australians make the dream of home ownership possible. Unlike most banks and mortgage broker’s, we don’t like saying No. We prefer to provide options and solutions to our clients, showing you how can you do it. We live this “how can we do it” attitude, every day in our own lives. We speak to hundreds of clients every year and it constantly astounds us the lack of clear information out there on what it takes to get a Home loan approval. Thus, our website and business has been created to cut through all the misunderstanding and deliver to our clients and prospective clients exactly what is needed.