• Marc Ventura


    Marc is a financial adviser and mortgage broker, with a passion to financially educate his clients.

    It’s Marc’s mission to help clients cut through all the noise and garbage information in the media and the Internet and work with clients to show them exactly what needs to be done to achieve their financial and personal goals.
    It’s why he does what he does. It makes Marc mad listening to various media outlets incorrectly talk about what it takes people to purchase their first home or to create financial freedom.
    Marc has been a financial adviser and mortgage broker for over 10 years and has developed uniques skills that has been critical to achieving the results he does for his clients.
    He is passionate about working with the following 4 types of clients;

    1 . First home buyers/ renters wanting to buy their first home but not knowing how or have been told know by the banks

    2. People wanting to learn the system and specific  type of loan required to help reduce their home loan in half saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    3. Self employed individual wanting to purchase a home.

    4. Young families that want to transform their financial and personal life. Through our carefully developed financial transformation program, we help young families, set clear goals, keep their income, reduce their debt and purchase assets that put money in their pocket each month, creating the lifestyle they could only dream of.

    Away from the office Marc is married to his beautiful wife Lucyanne and has 3 children. He lives in the Moonee Valley area.

    His family and friends are incredibly important to him. Spending time with them is paramount.

    Marc is a AFL lover and is a tragic Melbourne supporter. He’s actually still playing local football.
    He loves to travel and can’t wait to head back to a European summer once the kids are older.
  • Sally Rodrigues

    Client Relationship Manager

    In the office and with many of our clients Sally is also known as the Oracle, because she has all the answers and makes sure everyone is looked after. Sally gets this is a big and exciting moment for you and there are many questions along the way to get answered. And she loves to help make this an enjoyable process.

  • Mishelle Mamo

    Business Development & Communication Manager

    Responsible for the management of processes and systems at the back end to ensure you have an enjoyable and smooth experience with us. Also making sure you are well informed and engaged throughout the early stages with visually appealing documents. As we know there can be lots of them, but that doesn’t mean they can’t look nice.

  • Emmie O'nial

    MLC Financial Administrator

    An amazing support in the process of helping people achieve financial freedom and risk eversion. A highly compliant industry requires a special someone who has an extremely good eye for detail

  • Lucyanne Ventura

    Accounts Payable

    Lucyanne is our Finance and accounts payable manager. She is responsible for ensuring we are financially strong.