Budgeting tips

There could be a number of different reasons as to why you want to save. We’ve listed a few examples below:

Car buying? Buy smaller. Bigger isn’t always better. If it’s practical, choose a smaller, more energy efficient vehicle, and reap the fuel savings. You can still be comfortable. Just don’t overdo it.

Consolidate your debt. If your credit card bill is getting out of hand, you should consider refinancing your existing loan, pay off your credit card bills, and reduce your overall repayments.

Pay your home loan fortnightly instead of monthly. Paying fortnightly enables you to make one extra monthly repayment per year – helping you reduce the amount on which future loan interest is calculated.

Make extra home loan repayments. Cash for Christmas? Make your money go further by putting it into your home loan. Take the same approach to cash bonuses from work.

Automate your bills. It’s a great way to stop overspending – provided you know what to set aside each month and don’t default on your monthly balance. It’s also a great way to avoid late payment fees, which can add up!

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