Despite not being one of the more common forms of finance, a personal loan can be one of the most important financial products available to you. 

Through a personal loan, you can get yourself out of a sticky financial situation, fund your next big European vacation or simply give you enough money to continue the passion project you have set up in your garage.

Take a holiday, you deserve it

Ambitious, career-focused workers are often put under pressure to do longer hours, go above and beyond, and potentially even forego annual leave. In fact, a recent survey by travel giant Expedia found that 22 per cent of respondents worldwide felt guilty taking time off.

Aussies may not be to different as we currently have over 123 million days of untaken annual leave – that’s almost 21 days per person! There could be myriad different reasons for our insane holiday deficit, however financial difficulties don’t have to be one of them.


Be able to afford emergency costs

The old adage, “expect the unexpected” is apt when organising your finances. Anything could happen, from an unfortunate fender bender on the way to work, to your children discovering a passion for DIY and “improving” your walls with creative crayon art.

Savings may have you covered in the event of one or two mishaps, but we all know the superstition of bad things tending to come in threes.

If a series of unexpected and unfortunate costs force you to scrape the bottom of your bank account, a personal loan might be helpful to get you through. By enlisting the assistance of a professional broker and you can be sure that such a loan will be personally tailored to you, with manageable repayment terms and low-interest rates.


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